Meet the Medical Mission Team

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Medical Mission team members are being interviewed for our parish bulletin. This week we feature David Moyer for a look at how he is involved in OLMC’s first Medical Mission.

Why did you choose to be part of the Medical Mission team to Peru?

In college I was part of a service trip to Leon, Nicaragua. Additionally, being in the medical sales business, I thought having experience in this field could benefit the team of clinicians. Also, fr. Dan was very passionate in his request to the parish to serve.

How are you helping the team prepare?

I am helping coordinate, receive, count, and pack supplies necessary for a successful trip.

What would you say to parishioners who perhaps want to join a ministry but are a little hesitant?

It’s for a good cause, you meet like-minded parishioners, it doesn’t take a lot of time, and you’ll touch the very people God asks us to serve.

What are some of the challenges of preparing for a trip like this?

Starting from scratch with no personal experience is challenging.

Is there a specific feeling, memory or story you want to share about the team’s preparation?

fr. Dan, Vincent, Marian, Laina and especially Rosemary’s dedication to the mission over the past two years is incredible.


Medical Mission Team Member, David Moyer


Northfield, New Jersey

I like the parish of OLMC because…

The staff and parishioners have always been extremely friendly, welcoming, and gracious.

When I’m not in church or at work you’ll find me…

Playing tennis, golf, traveling, and working for Medline Industries.

Fun Fact:

My wife Cindy takes our service dog, Snickers, to visit schools and nursing homes.

Ask me about:

Cooking and cocktails.

Personal Motto:

Give love.

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