Meet the Medical Mission Team

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Medical Mission team members are being interviewed for our parish bulletin. This week we feature Elena Ugarte for a look at how she is involved in OLMC’s first Medical Mission.

Why did you choose to be part of the Medical Mission team to Peru?

I was born in Perú. When I learned that fr. Dan was organizing a medical mission to go there, I thought What better way to help both my parish and my country of birth!

How are you helping the team prepare?

We are eight translators going to Lima, Perú. We already had some papers, faxes and medical terms to be translated. We help with anything the others on the team need.

What would you say to parishioners who perhaps want to join a ministry but are a little hesitant?

We are a big family and even little things are really appreciated. All for one and one for all.

What are some of the challenges of preparing for a trip like this?

Yo hablo español, but I have never been a medical translator!

Is there a specific feeling, memory or story you want to share about the team’s preparation?

Every meeting has a memory, but helping with the preparation of International Night—our first fundraiser—was a joy. Everything was donated from all over the world: food, colorful decorations and professional performers. The best Peruvian Pisco Sour and Cuban Mojito were prepared and blended “in situ” and a long line of guests waited to taste them. It was an unforgettable Mount Carmel night!

At A Glance…

Medical Mission Team Member, Elena Ugarte


Bergenfield, New Jersey

I like the parish of OLMC because…

It is a big and caring family.

When I’m not in church or at work you’ll find me…

Reading, dancing or preparing Pisco Sour.

Fun Fact:

I have started driving on a highway (only one!).

Ask me about:

My family.

Personal Motto:

It is not rich who has more, but who needs less.

South of José Galvez is the valley of Lurín, one of the three valleys of the city of Lima. Known for its archaeological temple of Pachacamac, settled in 200 A.D., site that was once the most important religious center of indigenous people in the region during pre-Hispanic times. This expansive location is home to ancient pyramids dating back to the 1300s, temples and palaces built between 800-1450 CE, remains of frescoes, and many artifacts that offer a look into the lives of its ancient inhabitants.

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