Pastor’s Letter

Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Our Lady of Mount Carmel,

Our Christmas celebrations are finally over. I thank every one of you who had a role in our many liturgical and social celebrations. And, I thank the entire Church family for your generous Christmas contributions in the amount of $61,853 as of January 4, 2019.

Therefore, I need to go back to regular news. One major piece of good news is that we are going back on Medical Mission to José Galvez, Peru probably in October, precise dates still to be confirmed. The first mission was a huge success and we learned a great deal.

We now know even more dramatically that we need more doctors (or nurse practitioners/physicians assistants) on our team, particularly those who practice internal or family medicine, and especially if you speak Spanish. The other major need is for additional translators. If you are interested in either role, please be in touch with our team leader, Rosemary Russell, at

We also learned that we need to limit the medications we ship from the United States. Every pill has to be reported on the way in and accounted for on the way out. Therefore, we are going to purchase most of our meds in Peru.

In addition, I am asking you today to support the Carmelite Mission collection that will take place next weekend as a second collection at all Masses. We have taken the Carmelite Mission collection, often preached by Fr. Joe O’Brien, in January, for many years. This year, with the agreement of Fr. Joe and our own Parish Finance Committee, our mission collection will be used for our own Medical Mission this year.

There will be other fundraising events in the course of the year. But, with funds already committed in the Living Stones campaign of 2016 and the Carmelite Medical Mission collection next weekend, we should be well positioned to carry on the phenomenal grace-filled Medical Mission ministry of our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Thank you so much. God’s blessings upon each and all of us in the year of Our Lord, 2019.

Sincerely yours in Christ and Our Lady of Mount Carmel,

fr. Dan

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