Safe Environment Training

Thursday, January 9th, 2020

PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN & KEEPING THE PROMISE ALIVE Safe Environment Certification and Re-certification to be held at OLMC These programs are for adults, both employees and volunteers, who are in contact with children, as mandated by the Archdiocese of Newark.

NEW Volunteers/Employees

“Protecting God’s Children”

January 23rd – 10 AM – Titus Room

Register online at by clicking on ‘Protecting God’s Children’ or go directly to This workshop is scheduled throughout the Archdiocese of Newark for your convenience. Individuals may register for and attend this workshop at any location regardless of where the individual is an employee or volunteer.

Volunteers/Employees Re-certification

“Keeping the Promise Alive”

January 23rd – 7 PM – Titus Room

Re-certification is required every five years. Registration for re-certification cannot be done by the individual. The individual must contact Sr. Regina at 201-871-4662 or at This workshop is scheduled throughout the Archdiocese of Newark, however, individuals who are re-certifying must register through Sr. Regina.


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