Stations of the Cross

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

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Join us for our final Stations of the Cross this Good Friday, April 10, 2020 at 3PM join us on Facebook Live ( as we walk the way of Christ’s Passion. Enrich your spiritual journey with prayer and reflections, led by our clergy. Below are reflections adapted from “The Way Of The Cross” by Christine Ondrla. We hope you visit us on Facebook, at home or on your mobile device.

The First Station – Jesus Is Condemned

In his silence Jesus challenges the power of the powerful. Jesus, in a world that seeks power and control, help me to realize that true power always enhances life, never destroys it.

The Second Station – Jesus Accepts His Cross

In his acceptance of his cross Jesus challenges us to be mindful of the burdens we lay on others. Jesus, help me to always be aware that my actions can result in creating burdens for others.

The Third Station – Jesus Falls The First Time

In his fall Jesus challenges our apathy. Jesus, help me to notice those who fall around me because of weariness, pain, weakness or sorrow. May I offer assistance to those in need.

The Fourth Station – Jesus Meets His Mother

In his ability to look into the face of his helpless mother, Jesus challenges our sense of always needing to be in control. Jesus, help me, like Mary, to accept with faith, trust and love those times that bring pain and failure. May I never let those moments defeat me.

The Fifth Station – Simon Helps Carry The Cross

In the willingness to continue alone, despite his weakness, Jesus challenges our lack of involvement, our fear of upsetting the status quo. Jesus, you wait for us to come to realizations in our own time. Help me to have the wisdom to know that just because something continues to happen in front of me doesn’t make it right. May I never lack the courage to do what I know is right.

The Sixth Station – Veronica Wipes The Face Of Jesus

In his response to Veronica’s act of kindness and courage Jesus challenges us to do likewise. Jesus, you shared the image of your very self with Veronica. Help me to always believe in my own goodness and act on it. May my life always reflect God’s light within me.

The Seventh Station – Jesus Falls A Second Time

In the second fall, Jesus challenges our refusal to recognize the suffering of others. Jesus, you fall again. Help me never to allow the suffering of others to continue so that my life can remain undisturbed. May I always lift up others even at a cost to myself.

The Eighth Station – Jesus Speaks To The Women

In his ability to focus not on himself but on those around him, Jesus challenges us to the realization that our lives are all interconnected. Jesus, in the midst of your own suffering you turned your face toward others. Help me to always work for peace and justice for others knowing that I am also working for my own.

The Ninth Station – Jesus Falls The Third Time

In yet another fall, Jesus challenges our hardness of heart toward those who seem undeserving of help. Jesus, you welcomed the sinner and the outcast without judgment or condemnation. Help me to open my heart to others without judging them.

The Tenth Station – Jesus Is Stripped Of His Garments

In his nakedness, Jesus challenges us to treat each person with dignity. Jesus, your life is a witness to the beauty and dignity of all human life. Help me to respect that dignity in all people.

The Eleventh Station – Jesus Is Nailed To The Cross

In his willingness to endure the agony of death Jesus challenges us to stand by those who are dying. Jesus, help me to follow your example and never shrink from those things in life that cause me pain.

The Twelfth Station – Jesus Dies On The Cross

In his death, Jesus challenges our fear and promises us new life.

Jesus, in your hour of death, even your closest friends left. Help me to accept the death of others when I must and yet fight against death that comes as a result of injustice, war, hatred or neglect.

The Thirteenth Station – Jesus Is Laid In The Arms Of His Mother

In his death, Jesus challenges us to accept the little deaths of our daily lives. Jesus, your suffering came to an end, yet for those around you it became deeper than ever. Help me to realize that though every loss is painful, that pain becomes an opening for new growth.

The Fourteenth Station – Jesus Is Laid In The Tomb

In his burial Jesus challenges us to remain open to the mystery of life. Jesus, help me to have faith to believe in the richness of life and trust that your life and your love are always available to me.

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