Walk In Dinner Program

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

COVID-19 has brought challenging times and we sincerely hope you are all safe and well.

Unfortunately, hunger and homelessness do not go away during trying times and your continued support is needed.  However, it is important to us that you are comfortable in all of your activities as we learn together how to cope with the coronavirus and its ramifications.

The following dates are available to assist at the Bergen County Department of Health Services (120 S. River Street Hackensack, NJ 07601. Contact eguerra@nullacademyolmc.org if you think you can serve.

Friday March 20th

Saturday March 21

Sunday March 22

Monday March 23

Thursday March 26

Friday March 27

Monday April 1

Wednesday April 3

Things to Know:

  • The Walk-in Dinner is continuing.  Our neighbors are counting on us. This is a Family Promise program and we are responsible for making sure meals are provided each and every day.
  • Family Promise Executive Director Kate Duggan is having daily communications with the shelter staff and getting updates. Visit www.bergenfamilypromise.org  for details. They will begin posting information and/or updates there in the next day or two. Please be patient.
  • Feel free to call Family Promise 201-833-8009 for more details.

Here are the options they are offering to groups:

  • Only the residents of the shelter are eating dinner in the dining room.  With that, the residents will be admitted so there are no more than 50 people in the dining room at one time.  This will allow them to keep further apart than usual as they eat.
  • People from the community in need of a meal will report to the lobby of the shelter and receive a blue ticket which entitles them to a meal to-go which they can pick up at the loading dock during the regular mealtime.  Beginning April 1, 2020, to-go meals will be given out from 5:45 –6:00 only.  To-go containers are provided (though donations welcome) and they are currently serving about 25 meals to go. If you are staying to serve dinner, please make up 25 to-go dinners and have them ready for 5:45.  You can make additional to-go meals as needed.
  • Volunteers are discouraged from being in the dining room with the guests with the exception of the person serving coffee. Plates, etc. are all distributed on the buffet line.
  • Please wash your hands when you enter and leave the premises.  Hats and gloves should be worn at all times.
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