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Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

In the midst of this pandemic that forces all of us to stay physically separate as a community, it is breathtaking to see how profound the response has been by the Our Lady of Mount Carmel community to experiencing parish liturgical life online. In the past month we have livestreamed numerous events including Sunday mass, stations of the cross and the rosary that have resulted in 20,000 minutes of viewing among our parish community.

The growth in all categories–participation/engagement, viewing and response etc–has grown between 500% to 12,000%. Mass “attendance” on Sunday–those who saw it live and those who watched the recording afterward–has ranged from 880-1100 people and is growing.

Of course, we would all much rather get together in person to share these moments but we thought it was important to show you how strong and committed the OLMC community has been over the course of these trying times. We’ve put together some of the data in a slide show below.

We invite everyone to visit our archive of livestreamed events here. We also invite you, your family and all your friends to participate with us live on Facebook for Stations of the Cross (Friday) Palm Sunday mass at 10am and for the Triduum during holy week.

Be safe.


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