Meeting for Healthcare Workers

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

To All Healthcare Workers

Deacon Michael Giuliano

We have all been through so much over this past year. To see so much sickness, death and isolation, then to go home and worry about your own family, how do we as faithful Catholics make sense of it all?

In response to your extraordinary efforts, OLMC encourages you to gather with a group of your peers, led by Deacon Michael Giuliano MD, to talk, reflect, pray and maybe even share a few tears.

You can join Deacon Michael in person (limited to the first eight to 10 people who request it) or via  live stream from the Titus Room. The tentative plan is to meet on a Wednesday evening around 7:30, if that works best for everyone. Other ideas for times are welcome.

Please contact the Church Office at or call 201-568-0545 if interested in joining the meeting.

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