Quick 6: Ann Mrkic Zgonena

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

1.  How many years at OLMC?

My family is lucky to have been at OLMC for nine years.

2.  Favorite movie?

PhilomenaUsual SuspectsAmerican BeautyBladerunner.
No Country for Old Men.

3.  A fun/moving/exciting OLMC memory?

OLMC has a lovely tradition of specially welcoming new lectors during a Mass.  I enjoyed participating and look forward to more frequent opportunities to lector.

4.  Last book you finished?

Unfaithful Music, a memoir by Elvis Costello – as being read to me every evening by my six-year-old son.

5.  A place you always wanted to travel to?

The Galapagos is on my short list.  There’s something about ancient turtles…

6.  Life advice?  Favorite quote?

“You have to throw the stone to get the pool to ripple.”  (Squeeze)

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