Diaper Drive

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

To the Parishioners of Our Lady of Mount Carmel:

We deeply appreciate the great help you have given the Office of Concern over the years. Your contribution of food, money and gift cards is crucial to the success of our mission.

In recent years we have enhanced our program to include health and hygiene products, particularly children’s diapers. This addition has been especially important because of the influx of younger families with children under the age of three.

Here are some relevant facts about diapers:

  • They are expensive, costing about $80 per month per child
  • They cannot be obtained with food stamps
  • They are not covered under Federal or New Jersey programs

We have responded positively, and now supply a limited number of diapers every week. Unfortunately, our budget permits us to provide only about 40% of their needs.

So, we turn to you. In order that our families do not have to face the impossible dilemma of deciding between food, rent, and diapers, can you help us out?

We hope you may be able to bring to the church, anytime between July 14th and July 21st, contributions of diapers that we could pick up. This will greatly help in our struggle to meet the needs of our less fortunate brothers and sisters who come to our door each week. Thank you and we know God will bless you for your generosity.


George McKenna

Director, Office of Concern Food Pantry

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