OLMC community! Our friends at POTS (Part of the Solution) Soup Kitchen in the Bronx need our help! America is facing a critical shortage of masks during this pandemic. Hospital-grade masks are rightly reserved for front-line professionals. Everyone else is asked to wear masks whenever outside of their homes. POTS clients are often unable to obtain a mask at all. This is an even more critical issue for members of the POTS community who are homeless and for whom social distancing may not be possible. A lack of a mask risks not only the health and life safety of the person but also those around them. So OLMC is asking volunteers to make and donate cloth masks to help us encourage safe practices for our Bronx neighbors!
Here’s why we hope you’ll join this campaign:
  1. Cloth masks can be made at home easily – with or without a sewing machine.
  2. Cloth masks are re-useable because they’re machine washable.
  3. We believe mask makers are more likely to set good examples in public by wearing their own masks!
First, check out some mask-making ideas from the CDC
Second, to ensure the safety of our community, we’re asking mask-makers to:
  1. Wash your hands first, and wear a mask as you make masks
  2. Use either brand-new cloth materials or recycled cloth that has been laundered in hot water and machine-dried at a high setting
  3. Place each finished mask in a large plastic “ziploc” bag or place all masks in a large, clean plastic bag
Next, drop off your homemade masks at OLMC on May 13th from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. (elevator side door) and we’ll get them to the Bronx.
Last but not least, have fun and send us your photos of you and your family making masks! Send photos to eguerra@nullacademyolmc.org today!

Click HERE to read about mask making ideas from the CDC