“An Ancient Lesson”

Thursday, April 29th, 2021

Pope Francis designated May 24, 2020 through May 24, 2021 as Laudato Si’ Year to commemorate the fifth anniversary of his landmark encyclical on the care for our common home. The following is an excerpt from Laudato Si’ and a reflection provided by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia.

Pope Francis’s Laudato Si’ #222: We need to take up an ancient lesson, found in different religious traditions and also in the Bible. It is the conviction that “less is more.” A constant flood of new consumer goods can baffle the heart and prevent us from cherishing each thing and each moment. It is a return to that simplicity which allows us to stop and appreciate the small things, to be grateful for the opportunities which life affords us, to be spiritually detached from what we possess, and not to succumb to sadness for what we lack.

Reflection: Which part of this excerpt most speaks to your heart? This week “stop and appreciate the small things” that God places in front of you and in your life.

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