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Wednesday, May 4th, 2022


Dear Parents,

Sr. Regina Chassar, SSJ

May is traditionally a month in which Catholics honor Mary by praying the rosary, celebrating May Crowning, or gathering for prayer in her honor. At this time of the year in our Religious Education Program, I begin to look back on some of the highlights that took place in our church year: Our parish First Communions and Confirmation, the opening of Religious Education, welcoming our catechists, the dedication that our catechists show each week, students attending their first session, our gathering for prayer before class each Tuesday afternoon and so much more. This was a year of recovery after the at home zoom sessions of last year and it was one of blessings for all.

Let us keep in mind, that our faith doesn’t become stronger in the context of an
“end result.” During the summer months when students are not in Religious Education class, parents have the opportunity on various occasions to live and share the teachings of Jesus. Each day gives families moments to live the faith in love, compassion, forgiveness, generosity and justice.

It is my prayer during these summer months ahead that we learn something new about our faith. This can be achieved by sharing the Sunday Eucharistic celebration and prayer as a family each week. It is in the routine of our daily activities, in loving and serving one another, that we learn more about our faith.

Catholics honor Mary as Christ’s mother, as the Mother of the Church, and as the Church’s greatest Saint. May we honor Mary during this month of May and throughout the year!

Our Classes for this year conclude on: Sunday, May 8th and Tuesday, May 10th. Stay connected during the summer months by checking the parish bulletin and web site.

Blessings and thanks,

Sister Regina M. Chassar, ssj

Director of Religious Education

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