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Friday, June 16th, 2023

OLMC Parishioner, Evelyn (Rogan) Quigley, is in need of our prayers and offerings!

You may recognize the Quigleys from the 10am Mass or perhaps from her recently closed business in Dumont, Making Chocolate. The Quigleys are long time parishioners of OLMC and are a generous, kind, community focused family who have always been willing to lend a hand whenever and wherever it is needed.

Evelyn is currently battling her second bout with cancer, and the family recently lost their medical insurance so are now paying privately for coverage. While her children and husband are doing everything they can, the medical and household bills are mounting, and they could use our help and prayers.

A campaign has been started by Evelyn’s friend Dolores on

There are three ways you can help:

1.) Give (Donate) 2.) Share this message 3) Pray for Evelyn and her family

Please consider visiting this site (, click view campaigns, then search for “Quigley”. Select “For the Love of Evelyn” page where you can choose how to support this family in need.

On behalf of the Quigley family, thank you for your consideration and support.

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