Medical Mission 2024

Thursday, September 14th, 2023

Who we are!

The Medical Mission Committee of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish (Tenafly, NJ)  is a partnership of physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals as well as lay volunteers, supported by the the parish in general, who wish to share their medical talents and their capacity for spiritual support with people in areas of need. The overarching goal is to identify and to help meet the medical needs of the under served through medical mission trips of limited duration but with a mindset to providing sustainable medical solutions. Our volunteers work as a team to treat local residents with professional care and human empathy and respect and will, in return, learn from them about the local culture and customs.

The OLMC Medical Mission Group is gearing up for the next mission to central Honduras in January 2024! We have lots of different ways for those interested in helping out.
A team of doctors, nurses and translators will be traveling to Honduras, but we are in need of a few more Spanish-speaking personnel and fundraising is needed and welcomed!
Please email  — let us know your level of interest and how you can help and we will keep you posted!

Where we are going?

Yamaranguila, Honduras in January 2024. A new Carmelite Parish was recently established, the church of Saint Lucy. The rural town is in the high mountains of central Honduras at an elevation of 6000 feet. It is a mostly agricultural area with little means of transportation. The community walks to church, school, and the nearest medical clinic is 5 miles away. Preventive care is minimal and consists primarily of vaccinations. We will bring medical services to the town and its surrounding communities.

Why should I do this?

I want to help
I have skills to offer
I have the time
I’m in reasonably good health
I will have a fulfilling enriching experience
I will meet amazing people
And I don’t mind bumpy roads!

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Thanks in advance to all for your support and helping us achieve our goals of helping this under served Carmelite community in Honduras and make sure to check out our pictures from our scouting trip below!


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