This Moment

Sunday, November 19th, 2023

This Moment

Deacon Lex Ferrauiola

A moment is all that is guaranteed to any one of us. And that moment is now — this moment. The past is gone, it lives on only in our memories. Our future here on earth may or may never happen.

Our life is a tapestry of moments sewn together in a pattern created over time. The treasures that we store up within our hearts shape this pattern day by day. In the end it could be a pattern that reflects the material possessions, credentials, and honors that we have accumulated. Or it could be a pattern that reflects acts of love — love of God and love of others.

Our lives could be demanded from us this day, this night. And if our soul were to be taken up by God, and if we were to stand side by side with him and look down at the tapestry of the life we have lived, what pattern, what treasures would we see?

We would see a pattern that reflects how well we loved God and treated others. Were we loving and caring, or bitter and angry? Were we kind and forgiving, or did we carry a grudge? Were we inclusive, non-judgmental, and accepting, or did we shut people out of our lives because they were different or didn’t measure up to our moral standards? Were there family members and friends whom we locked out of our hearts because of some real or imagined slight that we can’t even remember?

Each day, each moment of life that God gives us is precious. But in any one of those moments our earthly life can suddenly come to an end. If that moment were to come today, what unfinished business would we leave behind? Death leaves us no chance to say, ‘goodbye’; no chance to say, ‘I’m sorry’; no chance to say, ‘I forgive you.’

Let us not be overly concerned and anxious about material possessions, credentials, and honors. Rather, let us be rich in matters of love. Let us examine our lives and reach out with contrition where needed, and with forgiveness to those who have hurt us. Let us be instruments of healing in all the circles of our lives. Let us love and serve the Lord by loving and forgiving and serving each other.

A moment is all that is guaranteed to any one of us. And that moment is now.

With love,

Deacon Lex

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