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Thursday, February 22nd, 2024


On behalf of the Medical Mission Group I would like to thank everyone in the OLMC community for making our medical mission to Honduras a possibility and a success! While we may have delivered the services, it would not have been possible without the generous support of our church and its members and the invaluable time and effort of our volunteers. You should be very proud of how your contributions made a tangible difference in so many lives!

As a result we were able to reach out to over 1,200 people in the underserved, indigent communities in the mountainous region of Intibuca, Honduras in four different locations during five days. Our spiritual leader there was Padre Alfredo at St. Lucy’s parish in Yamaranguila. Our outreach strengthens their spiritual connection to the local Carmelite church as well as making each individual feel special and unique. We received warm smiles and hugs of appreciation from adults and children alike. Local bilingual high school interpreters joined the group and shared with us their dreams of university study with goals of becoming professionals and leaders in their communities. Our outreach goes well beyond medical care and basic toiletries by delivering love and hope to remote areas. On our departure, the most commonly asked question was “when are you coming back?”

That answer depends on you! We need continued support to accomplish that goal. Please feel free to reach out to any one of us to find out how to get involved or message at olmcmedicalmission@nullgmail.com. All are welcome, especially bilingual speakers and healthcare workers who can enhance our “connection” with these communities, as well as those with experience or interest in fund raising.

Because of you, those who went had an experience they will never forget. These trips are inspirational, adventuresome and immensely gratifying. Each of us was impressed by not how much we gave, but how much we received. I thank you for all of your past support and look forward to your continued generosity to make future missions a reality.

I encourage those with further interest to look at our blog on the OLMC Website (SERVE tab) with descriptions and photos of our daily activities. To find out more about the communities we served go to Facebook and search “Parroquia Santa Lucia Yamaranguila.” —Elizabeth Baker, MD


Special thanks to:

Fr. Richard Supple, O.Carm. and Deacon Michael Giuliano from OLMC

Fr. Alfredo Guillen, O.Carm.

of St. Lucy Parish in Yamaranguila, Honduras

Mary Ann Nelson and Barbara Tamborini for Administrative Support

Dr. Diane Triolo and the Beta Club of Academy of OLMC for toiletry donations

Julia and Bob Carozza from Rainbow Transportation for donating services to/from the airport

Elliot Guerra

OUR AMAZING VOLUNTEERS who left their families, work, and the comforts of home (such as hot showers and home-cooked meals) to travel far and long to become “Healers.” As Fr. Alfredo reminded us, Jesus was a healer, and we were there following in Jesus’ steps to carry out his call for service and healing.

Elizabeth Baker, MD

Noemi Pena

Patricia Chacon

Patrick Perin, MD

Marielaina DeRose, MD

Rosemary Russell

Francis Daniela Figueroa, MD

Katarina Sadlon, RN

Rina Flores Soto

Cristina San Agustin, RN

Jose Gomez-Marquez, MD

Jessica Sarubbi, RN

Joanne Hojsak, MD

Marie Sarubbi, NP

Olga Iscoa

Lizette Senatore

Manuel Katz, MD

Wesley Thek, MD

Diana Kiziuk, RN

Vincent Ty

Lisa Kleist, RN

Liliana Valencia

Maria Kwok, MD

Irene Whelan, PT

Sandra Muriel Posada, RN

Kevin Whelan, PT

John Owens, MD

Gloria Zayas

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