Spotlight on Service

Sunday, May 12th, 2024

Angela “Angie” DeAngelis Bracconeri was born with a natural inclination to serve others. Celebrating her remarkable 104th birthday on May 1st, she traces her roots back to Manhattan’s vibrant Harlem district of the 1920s. As the youngest of four children to immigrant parents from Italy, Thomas and Maria, Angie quickly assumed responsibilities beyond her years, assisting her mother with household chores and acting as a translator for her family and neighbors, bridging the gap between English and Italian.

Known for her boundless generosity, Angie became a beloved figure in her community, always ready to lend a helping hand with shopping, babysitting, or running errands without hesitation. Her compassionate nature endeared her to neighbors, friends, and family alike, earning her a reputation as someone who selflessly gave of herself whenever needed.

Event planning and organization became Angie’s forte from a young age. When her high school prom faced cancellation due to a lack of coordination, Angie stepped up without hesitation, taking charge of the event. The result was a magical evening at Manhattan’s renowned Cotton Club, featuring performances by Cab Calloway and Lena Horne. Angie would go on to marry her prom date, Leo Bracconeri.

Early in their marriage they lived in the Bronx, New York where three of their children were born.  Besides raising her young children she also attended to the caring of her ailing mother.

Settling in Tenafly in 1950, Angie and Leo raised five children in their home on Engle Street, where all were welcomed with open arms. Angie’s commitment to serving others extended beyond her family, becoming deeply involved in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, which she considers her second home.  She was an avid fund raiser, was a member of Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s Mother’s Guild, she started the Children’s Liturgy of the Word program, was a CCD teacher, a lector, and served on the “International Night” fundraising committee for several years and her decorations are still talked about today.  Her most important role was serving as a Eucharistic Minister bringing comfort and solace to the community’s elderly and infirm.

Outside of her church duties, Angie continued to serve in various capacities, including on the Mayor’s Committee for Seniors, a Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts leader, and as a volunteer at the Tenafly Senior Center. Her culinary skills were put to good use, cooking for friends and neighbors, especially during the holidays. She lived in Weston, Vermont for a few years and fed 20 Benedictine Monks from the Weston Priory, each week.  She also orchestrated monthly birthday celebrations for residents at the Tenafly House.

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