RELed-47The philosophy and goal in our Religious Education Program is to establish a dynamic partnership with parents of children who attend the parish religious education program. This goal can only be developed in each child and family by a sense of belonging to a Faith Community. Our goal is to nurture a faith that is alive and mature which can affect our everyday actions and is deeply rooted in our Catholic tradition.

The religious education of a child begins in their early years and continues in a more formal manner when the child enters school. We believe that parents and religious educators in partnership can develop a faith that is truly alive in each child. This partnership requires a working relationship of: communication, collaboration, and cooperation.

The Religious Education Program provides formal instruction in the faith; the family provides the practice in the home, the community, and in our world. A religious education program cannot accomplish what a family and the practice of faith can do to deeply root that faith in their children.

The active participation of the family in weekly worship, good works, faithful attendance at religious education classes and the study of the faith at home will enrich both the family and the entire parish faith community of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.

The registration fee covers only a small portion of the expenses to operate the Religious Education Program. Information regarding the payment of fees was mailed to families in a letter from the Pastor and stated that fees should be paid at the time of registration. Additional donations are welcome and appreciated. We are most grateful to all parishioners for their kindness and generosity. Families are reminded that all checks are to be made payable to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. Any family that is unable to meet the religious education fees is invited to speak with the Pastor. Registration is not contingent upon payment of fee and no child is denied religious instruction if a family is unable to pay the fee.

Home Study
If a child is unable to attend religious instruction at the parish, the parents may choose to work with their child at home. The Religious Education Office will provide materials, lesson plan schedule and a testing schedule. Home study is permitted for two consecutive years. Home study is not permitted in Grade 2 since attendance is necessary for the reception of the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.

Sacrament Preparation
Families who have a child ready to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation will receive notification from the Religious Education Office regarding the preparation schedule.

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